Michael E. Mason, Principal

Forensic CPAs LLC is a specialized accounting practice providing investigative accounting and litigation support to identify and analyze financial data, dissect complex financial transactions, and develop and analyze accounting controls and procedures. The Forensic CPAs team provides more than three decades of experience in damage calculation and assessment, investigative accounting, litigation support, governmental accounting and fraud detection. Through its strategic alliance with TekLinks, Forensic CPAs applies the most advanced computer technology available to identify, acquire, restore and analyze electronic data in complex litigation, accounting and fraud investigation. Forensic CPAs provides services to public and privately held companies, governmental entities, boards of governance and related organizations.

Founded by Michael E. Mason, CPA/ABV/CFF, CFFA, CFE, Forensic CPAs employs proven discovery and assessment methods to help its clients identify wrongdoing, resolve financial disputes and protect their financial interests.

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